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Quite a few people saw this happen on ESPN, apparently.

Though the final itself was pretty disappointing for Dota 2 viewers, ESPN is professing to be “delighted” with the figures for its live screenings of the event. Dailydot spoke to Mr A. Source, one of the most popular sources in online journalism, and learned that the major US sports channel was quite pleased with how things went.

This saucy source didn’t provide any actual numbers to back up his or her “delighted” claim, but did suggest the channel were in “advanced talks” to bring Major League Gaming’s Call of Duty to the screen. ESPN previously collaborated on a Call of Duty event at the Austin X Games but didn’t broadcast any of the matches.

“They are in the preliminary stages of looking at other games,” says the mystery ESPN source.

It was said that the highest viewing figures for the Dota 2 International games came from the Xbox 360. That might seem strange for such a PC-centric game, but with the right cable/internet deal it’s pretty easy to watch ESPN3 (where the liveĀ Dota 2 games were shown) through the 360.

Without knowing what ESPN’s expectations were in the first place it’s not easy to speculate what the actual traffic numbers were, but it seems likely that the channel will dabble in broadcasting further esports events in future.

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