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    Okay, so Valve have finally lifted the curtain on a lot of what the New Bloom Festival patch for Dota 2 will include. Other than a new hero (yay) and a load of new patch notes that drastically change a few things around (…yay?), we’re also getting a brand new mode which is kinda similar to one that people may have been playing with unauthorised mods. Cough.

    The new hero is Terrorblade, a demon-y chap with four brand-spanking new abilities. Reflection lets him create a double of a foe, which attacks its original and slows their movement. Conjure Image creates an illusion of Terrorblade, which helps him in battle. Metamorphosis grants Terrorblade bonus damage and changes his attack to ranged. Finally, Sunder lets him swap his health with that of another player – enemy or ally. As with Legion Commander, he’ll also be getting an Arcana item that changes his animations, his voice, his skin and model, the death effect of his victims, his spell effects and icons, and comes with a gem that tints him and his abilities. Hurray!

    The new game mode, unlocked at level 11, is Random Ability Draft. This assigns each player a random hero and then shoves all of their abilities into a pool, with players taking turns to pick which abilities their hero will get. To quote the page: “Behold the majesty of a Pouncing Pudge, witness Axe fumbling with Psi Blades, and experience the terror of Illusory Orb Magnus.” So… yeah. That’s going to be fantastic.

    Then there’s the patch notes, which are going to cause a storm of controversy. Earth Spirit has (thankfully) been nerfed, although I suspect he’ll still be pretty terrifying. Broodmother has been massively nerfed following the ridiculous abilities granted in the previous patch – she can no longer leave map boundaries, Spin Web no longer gives vision, and she loses free pathing if enemies can see her. Drow Ranger’s silence is no longer a targeted AoE, instead firing out of her as a wave and causing knockback. Bottle and Shadow Amulet can now be used on other players. Necrobook creeps are less powerful. Blink Dagger no longer has a manacost.

    What else? Ooh, lots of stuff. Lion’s Aghs upgrade now causes Finger of Death to also affect units within a 200 AOE range of the target, which should allow for some horrifying damage when combined with Magnus or Enigma. Speaking of Enigma, Black Hole now has a wider AoE and a longer cast range. Sniper’s range has now been dramatically increased with Take Aim. Tinker now has an Aghs upgrade, which doubles the missile count and the Laser cast range (marking the first time I’m aware of that an Aghs upgrade doesn’t affect the ultimate). Faceless Void now gets 1000 movement speed and phase within his Chronosphere, meaning it’s much harder for him to accidentally fuck himself with it.

    Look, there are shitloads of tweaks and changes, and some of them are pretty big. I mean, I don’t think I even mentioned the fact that you lose gold every second if you don’t pick a hero before the All Pick timer runs out, or that Roshan is now bigger and meaner and now continues to get bigger and meaner after 45 minutes. The full patch notes for Dota 2 6.80 are below, but you may also want to check them out on the official page – anything annotated with a [?] mark has more detail, only discoverable on mouseover.

    I’m curious as to whether this is everything, or if we’ll maybe see a little more. I suspect it’s the former, but… Terrorblade? Hmm.


    •     You now lose one gold per second if you haven’t picked a hero after the selection timer runs out in All Pick
    •     All Pick selection time increased from 60 to 75
    •     All Pick pre-creep time reduced from 90 to 75
    •     Roshan no longer stops upgrading his hp/damage/armor at 45 minutes
    •     Roshan upgrade rate increased by 20%
    •     Roshan bounty rescaled from 105-600 to 150-400


        Night vision reduced from 1400 to 800
        Unstable Concoction maximum shaking duration reduced from 7 to 5.5 [?]
        Unstable Concoction no longer continues to get stronger while it is in the air

    Ancient Apparition
        Ice Vortex spell damage amplification increased from 10/15/20/25 to 15/20/25/30
        Ice Vortex duration increased from 12 to 16
        Ice Vortex aura stickiness increased from 0.1 to the standard 0.5 aura value

        Mana Void radius increased from 300 to 450
        Added AoE targeting cursor for Mana Void

        Base HP regen increased from 2 to 3
        Berserker’s Call duration increased from 1.5/2/2.5/3 to 2.0/2.4/2.8/3.2
        Berserker’s Call cooldown rescaled from 10 to 16/14/12/10

        Attack animation time improved from 0.5 to 0.3

        Call of the Wild Hawk duration reduced from 60/70/80/80 to 60
        Call of the Wild Boar duration reduced from 70/80/90 to 60
        Call of the Wild no longer destroys previous summons on cast

        Thirst Bonus Speed and damage rescaled from 7/14/21/28 to 5/15/25/35
        Bloodbath now gives the full hero kill benefit (instead of only half) if he is within the 325 AoE when a hero dies

        Primal Split cooldown reduced from 180/160/140 to 140/120/100

        Base damage reduced by 4

        Can no longer leave the map boundaries [?]
        Spin Web no longer provides 200 vision
        Free pathing is now removed when enemies have vision over you [?]

    Centaur Warrunner
        Stampede cooldown reduced from 120/90/60 to 90/75/60

        Hits required to kill Power Cogs rescaled from 3 to 2/2/2/3

    Crystal Maiden
        Base intelligence reduced by 3

    Dark Seer
        Ion Shell cooldown reduced from 10 to 9

        Weave duration increased from 20 to 24

    Death Prophet
        Exorcism cooldown increased from 100 to 115
        Silence AoE increased from 350 to 425

    Dragon Knight
        Dragon Tail cooldown rescaled from 9 to 12/11/10/9

    Drow Ranger
        Reworked Silence [?]

    Earth Spirit
        Stone Remnant recharge timer increased from 25 to 35
        Geomagnetic Grip now does a 2/3/4/5 second silence instead of a 1/1.5/2/2.5 second stun
        Geomagnetic Grip damage rescaled from 125 to 100/150/200/250
        Boulder Smash damage rescaled from 100/150/200/250 to 125
        Boulder Smash now does a 0.75/1.25/1.75/2.25 second stun instead of a 3.5/4/4.5/5 second silence
        Boulder Smash radius from 225 to 200
        Rolling Boulder now also gets interrupted if disabled during the initial 0.6 rolling charge, instead of only while its moving
        Geomagnetic Grip now kills trees along the path of a dragged allied hero
        Targeting someone directly with Boulder Smash will now be blocked by Linken’s Sphere
        Fixed being able to cast Geomagnetic Grip on magic immune allies
        Fixed Boulder Smash being able to target Magic Immune units
        Fixed Rolling Boulder travel distance going further than intended if you use a Stone Remnant near the end of the roll

        Base movement speed increased from 300 to 310
        Strength gain increased from 2.5 to 2.9

        Base armor reduced by 1

        Black Hole AoE increased from 375 to 400
        Black Hole cast range increased from 250 to 275

    Faceless Void
        Chronosphere cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 120/100/80
        You now have 1000 movement speed and phase while you are in Chronosphere
        Timewalk manacost reduced from 120 to 90

        Burning Spear duration increased from 7 to 8
        Inner Vitality bonus heal below 40% increased from 15/30/45/60% of primary attribute to 30/45/60/75%
        Inner Vitality cast range increased from 450 to 550

        Forge Spirits armor reduced from 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 to 0/1/2/3/4/5/6
        Forge Spirits attack range reduced from 300->900 to 300->690
        EMP burn increased from 100->400 to 100->550
        EMP delay from 3.7->2 to 2.6
        Alacrity manacost reduced from 75 to 45
        Ghost Walk movement speed from -30/-25/-20/-15/-10/-5/0 to -30/-20/-10/0/10/20/30

        Ice Path damage rescaled from 25/50/75/100 to 50
        Liquid Fire DPS increased from 10/15/20/25 to 15/20/25/30
        Dual Breath burn and slow duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
        Dual Breath DPS increased from 5/10/15/20 to 16/36/56/76
        Dual Breath damage interval improved from every 1 second to every 0.5 seconds
        Dual Breath Attack Speed slow increased from -20 to -30
        Removed initial impact damage from Dual Breath [?]

        Blade Fury cooldown reduced from 30/28/26/24 to 30/27/24/21

    Keeper of the Light
        Mana Leak stun duration increased from 1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2 to 1.5/2/2.5/3

    Legion Commander
        Moment of Courage now only procs one extra lifesteal attack [?]
        Moment of Courage buff grace period increased from 0.5 to 1.0 seconds
        Moment of Courage cooldown reduced from 1.2 to 0.9

        Lightning Storm jumps from 4/6/7/8 to 4/5/6/7
        Lightning Storm damage from 80/145/205/265 to 80/140/200/260
        Lightning Storm cooldown reduced from 5.5 to 4
        Lightning Storm manacost reduced from 100/115/130/145 to 90/100/110/120

        Dragon Slave Initial/Final AoE increased from 275/150 to 275/200
        Fiery Soul duration increased from 7 to 9
        Fiery Soul movement speed increased from 4/5/6/7% to 5/6/7/8%

        Aghanim’s Scepter now causes Finger of Death to hit units within a 200 AoE of the primary target

    Lone Druid
        Spirit Bear’s Entangle is no longer an Orb Effect

        Wolves Fade Time decreased from 3 to 1.7
        Level 3 Lycan Wolves now have Invisibility
        Level 4 Lycan Wolves now have a passive ability that gives them 15 HP regen

        Base intelligence increased by 2

        Mana Shield damage absorption increased from 0.75/1.25/1.75/2.25 to 1/1.5/2/2.5

        Divided We Stand level requirement reduced from 4/11/18 to 3/10/17
        Divided We Stand now passively reduces your revive timer by 10%/20%/30%

        You can now cast and attack while in Waveform

    Nature’s Prophet
        Wrath of Nature manacost increased from 150/200/250 to 175/225/275

        Death Pulse now hits units in Fog of War

    Night Stalker
        Crippling Fear’s night miss chance increased from 40 to 50%

    Nyx Assassin
        Cast Range on Impale now matches the travel range [?]

    Ogre Magi
        Unrefined Fireblast manacost changed from 400 to 60% of your current mana [?]

    Omni Knight
        Degen Aura stickiness increased from 1.0 to 2.0 seconds [?]

    Outworld Devourer
        Astral Imprisonment cast range reduced from 550 to 500

    Phantom Assassin
        Invisible heroes now trigger Blur
        Blur delay reduced from 1.5 to 0.75

    Queen of Pain
        Sonic Wave Scepter cooldown rescaled from 100/70/40 to 40

        Base HP regen increased from 0.75 to 1.5

    Sand King
        Sand Storm radius rescaled from 275/325/375/525 to 525

    Shadow Demon
        Shadow Poison max effective stacks increased from 4 to 5

    Shadow Shaman
        Shackles duration increased from 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 to 2.75/3.5/4.25/5
        Mass Serpent Wards can no longer trap Roshan

        Global Silence cooldown reduced from 140 to 130

    Skywrath Mage
        Mystic Flare damage increased from 600/900/1200 to 600/1000/1400

        Bash damage increased from 40/50/60/70 to 40/60/80/100

        Pounce damage reduced from 70/140/210/280 to 60/120/180/240
        Shadow Dance cooldown reduced from 65 to 60

        Take Aim range bonus increased from 80/160/240/320 to 100/200/300/400

    Spirit Breaker
        You now gain vision over your target while you are casting Netherstrike

    Storm Spirit
        Base movement speed reduced from 295 to 290

        Base armor increased by 3
        Warcry cooldown reduced from 36/30/24/18 to 32/26/20/14

        Sunder cooldown reduced from 160/110/60 to 120/80/40
        Sunder is no longer partially blocked by Magic Immunity
        Reflection cast range increased from 250 to 275

        Kraken Shell debuff threshold reduced from 600 damage taken to 600/550/500/450
        Kraken Shell damage block increased from 9/18/27/36 to 10/20/30/40

        Base strength reduced from 25 to 22

        Added Aghanim’s Scepter: Doubles Laser cast range and Heat-Seeking missile count

    Treant Protector
        Overgrowth AoE increased from 625 to 675
        Nature’s Guise cast range increased from 300 to 600

    Troll Warlord
        Fervor max stacks rescaled from 2/3/4/5 to 4
        Fervor attack speed per stack rescaled from 20 to 16/22/28/34

        Secondary units hit by the Snowball now take the same impact as the primary unit [?]
        Removed 50% threshold mechanic from Walrus Punch
        Walrus Punch base crit increased from 3x to 3.5x

        Soul Rip cooldown reduced from 25/20/15/10 to 24/18/12/6

    Vengeful Spirit
        Wave of Terror armor reduction increased from 2/3/4/5 to 3/4/5/6

        Base damage reduced by 5
        Base HP regen reduced from 0.75 to the default 0.25

        Base movement speed reduced by 5
        Grave Chill manacost rescaled from 70/80/90/100 to 100
        Familiars are now properly magic immune [?]

        Upheaval max duration increased from 12 to 16

        Focus Fire manacost reduced from 200/300/400 to 150
        Focus Fire no longer has a cast animation

    Witch Doctor
        Maledict AoE increased from 150 to 165
        Voodoo Restoration initial manacost reduced from 25/50/75/100 to 20/30/40/50
        Paralyzing Casks can now bounce to units in Fog of War

    Wraith King
        Reincarnation slow increased from 50 to 75%
        Reincarnation slow duration increased from 4 to 5

        Arc Lightning cast range increased from 700 to 850


    Animal Courier
        Ground Courier bounty per player reduced from 175 to 150 [?]

    Arcane Boots
        Manacost increased by 10

    Battle Fury
        Cleave AoE increased from 225 to 250

    Blink Dagger
        Blink no longer has a manacost [?]

        Can now be used on your allies by holding down the Control key [?]

    Diffusal Blade
        Agility bonus increased from 22/26 to 25/30

    Drums of Endurance
        Number of charges increased from 4 to 5
        Recipe cost increased from 800 to 875

    Eul’s Scepter of Divinity
        Cyclone cooldown reduced from 25 to 23

    Force Staff
        Force travel speed is reduced [?]

    Iron Branch
        Gold cost reduced from 53 to 50

    Mask of Madness
        Lifesteal increased from 17% to 20%

        Changed the area type that is used when Static Charge hit units [?]

        Necronomicon units bounty increased from 100/125/150 to 100/150/200
        Necronomicon units armor reduced from 6/8/10 to 4
        Necronomicon cooldown increased from 80 to 95

    Observer Ward
        Can be targeted on allies to transfer one charge

        Attack damage bonus increased from 60 to 65

    Refresher Orb
        Recipe cost reduced from 1875 to 1800

    Ring of Aquila
        Agility bonus increased from 6 to 9

    Rod of Atos
        HP bonus increased from 325 to 350

    Sange and Yasha
        Sange and Yasha slow duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
        Sange and Yasha slow increased from 30 to 32%

    Sentry Ward
        Can be targeted on allies to transfer one charge

    Shadow Amulet
        Fade delay improved from 1.8 to 1.5
        Can now be used on allies [?]

    Shiva’s Guard
        Arctic Blast range increased from 719 to 900
        Arctic Blast speed increased from 300 to 350

    Smoke of Deceit
        Duration decreased from 40 to 35

    Teleport Scrolls
        Stacking delay decreased from 3/5/6/7/8 to 3/5/5.5/6/6.5
        Max targeting range increased from 525 to 575 [?]

    Tranquil Boots
        Movement speed increased from 85 to 90
        HP Regen increased from 10 to 12 [?]

    Veil of Discord
        Strength/Agility/Damage bonus increased from 3 to 6

    Tim McDonald
    Tim has been playing PC games for longer than he's willing to admit. He's written for a number of publications, but has been with PC Invasion - in all its various incarnations - for over a decade. When not writing about games, Tim can occasionally be found speedrunning terrible ones, making people angry in Dota 2, or playing something obscure and random. He's also weirdly proud of his status as (probably) the Isle of Man's only professional games journalist.

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