September 5th, 2017

Dota 2’s patch 6.82 – Rekindling Soul – goes live

dota 2 new shadow fiend

The Rekindling Soul update for Dota 2, patching the game to 6.82 and changing basically everything, has just gone live.

This is the big patch for Dota 2 – the one we’ve all been waiting for since Tinker/Faceless Void/Razor. Cosmetically you’ve got Shadow Fiend’s new redesign, but more importantly, both Phantom Lancer and Bloodseeker have been heavily reworked, there are a whole host of new Aghs upgrades, and pretty much every single hero has had balancing tweaks. In addition to that there’s a new rune type, two runes will spawn every two minutes, there’s a new item, and the map itself has been reworked with more juke spots in the Radiant offlane, the Radiant safelane, and the Dire offlane. Oh, and Rosh has moved.

I’m not going to go over every detail here because frankly there are far too many of the bloody things, but I did a brief précis of some of the more important changes over here. You can also peruse the utterly gargantuan change log at your leisure over here.

Dota 2‘s Rekindling Soul update is about 370MB and should automatically download from Steam. This should dramatically change the landscape of the game and because people hate change I’m sure everyone will loathe it for a few weeks, but give it a bit of time.

I do love New Dota 2 Patch day. For a little while, at least, the whole game feels shiny and new again.

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