Dota 2’s Siltbreaker co-op campaign delayed, because Valve

Dota 2’s Siltbreaker co-op campaign delayed, because Valve

Dota 2‘s co-op Siltbreaker campaign has been delayed, which probably isn’t much of a surprise when you remember that it’s being developed by Valve.

This news comes direct from the Dota 2 Twitter account, marking one of the rare times Valve deigns to speak to the public:

In case you missed it, Siltbreaker is a co-op Dota 2 campaign that comes with purchases of the Battle Pass for The International 7. The first of its two acts was due to be released in May… which, uh, now clearly isn’t happening. In any case, whenever it launches, it’ll challenge players to team up and fight monsters in the infamous Dark Reef prison. We’ve got no real idea as to how it works, but I’m imagining something partway between a Warcraft 3 hero mission, Diablo, and an MMO dungeon. Act Two, meanwhile, is presumably still on track for July.

On the plus side, we’ve apparently only got another week to wait. And hey! We got some new hats to buy at the end of last week, so what’re we complaining about?

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