Dota 2’s Spring Cleaning update out, includes no new hero

dota 2 spring cleaning


As promised, Dota 2‘s Spring Cleaning patch – patch 6.81 – has launched. As promised, it doesn’t have a new hero. To put it another way: volvo plz fix

The big list of changes in this 650-odd MB patch can be found over on the official Dota 2 blog, and a few of the notable ones can be found on some words I dribbled out last week when the patch was announced. Other than interface updates and bug fixes, there are also a whole swathe of changes to heroes, which are going to completely break the meta. Now that Huskar’s Burning Spears and Ursa’s Fury Swipes don’t count as Unique Attack Modifiers, expect to see that pair in every single pub game.

The patch itself should auto-update when you next log into Steam. It was almost immediately followed by a second, 10MB patch, so there may still be a few issues that need hotfixing. That, or Valve forgot to add some hats.

Update: No new heroes are added.

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