September 5th, 2017

Dota 2’s The International 4 Compendium released

dota 2 compendium 4

The Compendium for Dota 2‘s The International 4 tournament is now up for sale, for £5.99. And blimey, but they’ve gone out of their way to make this one impressive.

Other than giving you all the details on the players, teams, and matches as they happen, it’ll also give you a ridiculous amount of rewards. Your Compendium levels up as you complete challenges (from watching games, to winning matches with 10 randomly-assigned heroes) and that levelling gives you stuff. Like, ooh, a courier. Or custom visuals for teleporting. Or new appearances for Bottle, Blink Dagger, and Dagon. Or – if the stretch goals are hit – lots of other stuff.

And yes, obviously, there are stretch goals. Right now there are three unlocked – a Battle Point Booster that increases in power as your Compendium levels up, three treasures containing loading screens (with more on offer as your Compendium levels up), and the ability to vote on which hero gets the next Arcana. As the stretch goals are hit, though, you’ll get a mini-Pudge courier, treasures containing Immortal items, new music and environment effects for Dota 2, the All Random Deathmatch game mode and the 1v1 Mid Only matchmaking option, and various other bits and pieces. Right up to the $6 million USD stretch goal, which lets you customise a building within your base.

Head on over to the Dota 2 Compendium page to see the total list of stretch goals and goodies on offer, or wander over to the store to buy it.

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