dota 2 wraith night

It’s like Halloween and Christmas rolled into one, but with more people yelling at you.

Hello there. I am not your scheduled Dota 2 updates expert Tim McDonald, but I’ll do my best to be grumpy and sarcastic and maybe nobody will notice the difference. I’d pretend to know about Dota 2 to complete the disguise, but no one is going to buy that.

So. How about that Wraith-Night event, huh? Did you hear about Skeleton King? Whew-wee, what a crazy time to be living in for Dota 2 players! Yes, look, okay, I don’t know anything about the game. I’ve played it about four times against bots. That’s it.

Anyway, it looks like the update that ushered in this whole Frostivus / Wraith-Night / Legion Commander affair, the one Tim wrote more about here, has itself received an update. The notification is on Steam, here, and the extra patch notes are as follows:

* Wraith King has risen
* Fixed Recruits sorting in the wrong direction
* Fixed Captain crowns showing on all players when spectating CM games

* Added matchmaking preference to use themed or classic map
* Ranked matchmaking will always use the classic map. (This is to minimize fragmentation of the matchmaking pool)
* Tuned quality thresholds in ranked matchmaking to wait longer and require a higher quality match
* Private lobbies will use classic map if tournament version is selected in lobby settings
* Fixed bug causing full parties of 5 players to wait needlessly when searching for Wraith-Night or Coop Bot matches

* Rebalanced both Shadow Fragments and Shining Fragments rewards
* Fixed towers sometimes becoming invulnerable
* Fixed CM hero selection being limited after a Frostivus game
* Fixed buy back cost not being reset on new game with increased difficulty
* After defeating Wraith King end panel now correctly shows up and shows fragment rewards and allows voting
* Added conversion of Shining Fragments to Shadow Fragments

Those all sound like wonderful changes. Don’t they? Do they? I don’t know. Probably! Happy Wraith-Nighting to one and all.

SteamOS is now available for download

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