Double Fine’s Kickstarter fund for a brand new point-and-click style adventure game has topped $2.5 million USD. Just to make sure that sank in, people (72,091 people at the time of writing) have clubbed together to donate $2.5 million dollars for a Double Fine adventure game.
The total could rise even higher, as the Kickstarter project is open until 13 March. That gives you about four days if you still fancy pitching in (and receiving extra goodies, depending on the total you donate). A new t-shirt has been added to the bonuses at the $100 USD mark, for example.
In other news, Tim Schafer has confirmed that the funding will allow Collector’s Editions of the game (heading to all those who donated $100 or more) to be housed in a genuine, old school giant cardboard boxes. He’ll also be making sure to sign all of the hardcover Double Fine adventure books (from the $500 donation mark) and even promises to, ah, “gently caress” their bindings (if you’re into that).

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