DoubleBear’s Zombie RPG Gets A Name: Dead State

Back in August of last year, we posted news that former Obsidian and Troika employees were developing a turn-based, zombie-survival RPG with the working title “ZRPG.”

DoubleBear Productions has today revealed that the project now has a name: Dead State. Though zombies will be a constant threat in the game, players will find as much (if not more) danger when they encounter groups of fellow survivors – as while the zombies possess predictable behaviour patterns, humans (especially those desperate to survive) tend to be a little more unstable.
Writer Brian Mitsoda (who also wrote the superb Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines) has previously discussed the approach the game will take to moral decisions, detailing the “no-win” style situations that the zombie apocalypse will force upon your group.
Look below for some brain-craving screenshots.

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