Late last month, leaked marketing materials from a third-party focus group suggested that BioWare and EA were sounding the general public out about a possible third entry in the Dragon Age RPG series. Today, with the announcement of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, much of that material is confirmed as accurate.

The official release news sticks to details like the use of a new, Frostbite 2-based engine to power the game, and the information that this game has been in the works for two years already. Both EA and BioWare are eager to indicate that it’s the original Dragon Age team who are working on this one, too.

Plot details haven’t been included in the announcement, but if you’re going by the (otherwise pretty on the money) leak from August, this edition will focus on a religious schism within the Chantry and place you in the role of an Inquisitor.

From the leaked focus-testing: “From the ashes of that explosion, something new rises: The Inquisition. As the Inquisitor, it falls to you to build up your power and martial your forces, uncover secrets and build connections across the world. You must explore forgotten spaces, uncover ancient mysteries and uproot those who would destroy the fabric of the world.”

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is due in late 2013. Platforms have not yet been confirmed.

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