June 19th, 2017

Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheat Engine table includes tactical camera mod

If you know your way around Cheat Engine, or are prepared to learn, there’s now a way to get Dragon Age: Inquisition’s tactical camera to be a bit less terrible on PC. An emerging PC hero going by the name of olegbl has put in (at least) six hours of debugging assembly code to make this tactical camera mod happen.

Here are the impressive results in-game.

dragon age inquisition
Modding sorcery.

What appears to be the latest version of his Dragon Age: Inquisition table for Cheat Engine can be found here, but you’ll be wanting to look at this earlier post if you’re not familiar with the program and how to get it up and running.

I’ll reproduce his instructions here as well, for ease of reading:

Step 1. Load Dragon Age Inquisition game.
Step 2. Open Cheat Engine (download here: http://cheatengine.org/downloads.php)
Step 3. Open cheat table (download latest one in this thread) with CE. (Menu > File > Load) Hit yes when asked if you want to run LUA.
Step 4. Open DragonAgeInquisition.exe process with CE. (Menu > File > Open Process > Select “DragonAgeInquisition.exe” > Open)
Step 5. Check the box next to the scripts you want in the bottom panel.

As well as the tactical camera sorcery, the table allows players to amend other things like character stats and perks (if desired.) More traditional cheat type stuff.

I’m not able to provide any additional tech advice on this front, because I don’t have Dragon Age: Inquisition myself. Cheat Engine should be fine to use in single player without any fear of Origin bans of whathaveyou – though, of course, nothing can be declared 100% free of risk. I’d recommend people avoid using it in multiplayer mode though, just to be safe.

Since an independent PC user has managed to achieve this on their own, you would hope BioWare would eventually get around to releasing some sort of official PC patch for the tactical camera too. Unfortunately, the company has been rather silent on the subject of patches for the last couple of weeks. This was the last major announcement about it, on 19 November.

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    • Nasarius

      Wow, Cheat Engine is a lot more powerful than it was 10+ years ago if it can do code patching now. Looks like it’s just disabling or modifying the camera zoom limit.

      I know people complained about the camera getting stuck on objects, and this doesn’t seem to change collision detection, but maybe zooming out is good enough.

      • https://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Norasuko/profile Norasuko

        True — though I don’t see much worth in this mod since the battles are balanced for the low tactical camera anyway. Enemy acquisition, AI and the like don’t react from too far.

    • locke

      So hopefully Bioware can implement this into a patch along with autoattack, autoloot, and let’s say…a walking toggle. As it is now is like they were purposely trying to piss off their PC community.

    • Yosharian


      Holy shit I almost want to reinstall now…. nope, gonna wait for the patches. Thanks anyway though guys, really appreciate this heads-up.

    • wordddddhw

      Yes.. what a great idea. Do the developers job for them rather than enjoying the game, introduce more uncertainty into peoples configurations and builds, and put my system at risk too by downloading other peoples alleged hacks from who knows where.

      Despite the side effects and hacky nature of this mod, which like Every mod out there is only a Partial fix to a much larger situation, it will receive great acclaim, which also means now the Real Responsible Party.. you know.. The Developers.. are going to relax that much more before creating a real improvement to Their product.

      The moment we even believe the issue is fixed all hope of receiving a real patch is put in jeopardy. It doesn’t matter if the mod/hack actually works well enough or not.

      Don’t hack apart your copy of the game just yet. Give the morons time to at least try to fix their product first.

      • Dooshe Nozzle

        “and put my system at risk too by downloading other peoples alleged hacks from who knows where.”

        Cheat Engine is open source, so if you don’t trust it, feel free to look at the code yourself, compile your own version, etc.

    • USMC03Vet

      The camera isn’t that bad….

      The game is good, Peter. Plenty of content so you at least get your money’s worth if you can stand Elfs and 8 skill bar slots although characters can get 20+ skill points.