Dragon Age: Inquisition explains Skyhold and interior decorating

dragon age inquisition skyhold
We definitely need more light in here.

What’s the point of being in charge of the Dragon Age: Inquisition if you can’t even choose your own carpets? Exactly. There would be no point at all. Did Tomás de Torquemada have to compromise on home decor? I highly doubt it. He was a very forceful man.

Fortunately, it sounds like aspiring party leaders will have a certain amount of control over the tables and drapes in the home base castle of Skyhold. Over at the Dragon Age: Inquisition site, there’s an interview with producer Cameron Lee (don’t ask me why Dragon Age is interviewing itself, it just is) explaining some of the things players will be able to do with Skyhold.

Lee describes Skyhold as “a huge fortress” from where the Inquisition directs agents and plot strategies against The Elder One. Most importantly for fans of style, however, this case “can be customized to reflect what sort of Inquisition you’re leading.” As well as decisions over major constructions like towers and courtyards, players will also be able to pick out some “statues, windows, drapes, furniture, and even heraldry” to their liking.

This probably won’t offer as many options as, say, an older Sims title, but some degree of home customisation should be expected.

Additional items with which to personalise Skyhold will be found via Dragon Age: Inquisition side-quests, or purchased from merchants. These are hopefully a little bit more interesting than the model ships from Mass Effect (no complaints about the fish though.)

Major characters will have their own private rooms in Skyhold, along with more minor (and more functional) characters like “merchants, stablemasters, barkeeps, researchers, blacksmiths and enchanters.” It’s a pretty huge place, complete with it’s own tavern, dungeons, throne room and library.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released for PC on 18 November.

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