The much discussed Black Emporium will be coming to all versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition (PC included,) for free, on 5 May. That’s all confirmed on the official Dragon Age: Inquisition page.

You may recall that the Black Emporium was first mentioned at least two or three patches ago, but never quite made it into any of those. BioWare evidently needed more time to dust off some of the shelves and perform some last minute coding; but the store is now on its way to the game.

As you also recall, the Black Emporium is the retail business belonging to Xenon the Antiquarian. Inside, players will be able to browse through “his spectacular collection of epic weapons, powerful accessories, new crafting materials, and other rare items.” Helpful stuff, on the whole.

In addition to that, the store houses the infamous ‘Mirror of Transformation,’ which Dragon Age: Inquisition players can use to change the very facial features of your Inquisitor. Here’s what that particular item looks like.

black emporium dragon age: inquisition

Alongside the Black Emporium, two new Skyhold thrones will be included in the update – but only for those players who own Dragon Age: Origins and/or Dragon Age II. These are also free, aside from the prerequisite game ownership.

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