June 19th, 2017

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC players frustrated by controls

dragon age inquisition pc
Your deadliest foe may actually be the mouse.

The initial response from PC players to the keyboard and mouse control scheme in Dragon Age: Inquisition has not been particularly positive. Thanks to the endless diplomatic dance associated with securing review code IncGamers won’t have a working copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition until Friday, so we’re having to rely on reports from US players.

Over at the BioWare forums, the primary thread for PC control woes appears to be this six page affair, which contains quite a few horror stories about how the UI and keyboard/mouse have been implemented. This other thread is attempting to (unofficially) collect suggestions for improvements.

The main concerns seem to be that the “tactical camera” mode doesn’t actually zoom out far enough (at least not far enough to be a whole lot of use,) characters are unable to automatically “loot” items with a ground click, there’s no way to bind functions to additional (side) mouse buttons, and a lot of alarming talk about there being two on-screen cursors – one for mouse and one for keyboard.

The mouse cursor apparently doesn’t pan the screen around, only the second cursor does this. I’m … honestly having a hard time visualising how that would even work, but it’s what Dragon Age: Inquisition players are saying.

BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw has been addressing some of the issues via his twitter account, confirming (for example) that the tactical camera auto-centering when switching party members is a bug:

Laidlaw also says the team is aware of PC players missing the “hold” functionality for search highlighting.

He has a tip about holding Shift for mouse panning in the tactical view, too. This presumably helps with one of the issues players were having, but it’s apparently a control subtlety the game isn’t exactly great at communicating.

It’s clear that the keyboard and mouse control scheme is in need of some serious improvement, and makes you serious question all of those cheery pre-release videos and statements saying how PC was the “lead platform” for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We’ve asked BioWare for a direct comment or statement on this matter, but aren’t holding our breath for a response.

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    • Nasarius

      Glad to see you reporting this. I’m not too fussed about graphics settings, but I care a lot about the mouse and keyboard UI of cross platform games. I’ve seen some talk about it on Twitter, but not a word in the reviews from PC-only sites like RPS.

      • Peter Parrish

        It’s a pretty big issue to be ignoring if you’re a PC site! – especially since Origins did keyboard/mouse fine (I think?) I’m sure Tim will investigate this control stuff further when his copy unlocks on Friday.

    • kemazon

      People already forgot EA/Bioware were trying to cater Call of Duty players with the remastered-improved-“press-A buttong something AWESOME happens!”-Dragon Age saga?

      Even a dead rat has better memory span.

      • USMC03Vet

        The combat in the game is pretty tits. I don’t see what the problem is unless you think mages should have terrible casting animations because in this game they have some flashy ones.

        • McCloudX13

          Did you play Origins? For me the combat is shallow and boring. It’s actually the lease enjoyable part of the game so far for me personally. Origins you could set behaviors for very specific situations for your party members and queue up multiple actions per character. I haven’t found how to do either in Inquisition. The game is still very enjoyable, just feels like a hack n slash instead of the tactical in depth RPG Origin was for me.

          • USMC03Vet

            Yeah I’m the exact opposite though. I thought the only thing going for origin was the combat. The Pokemon gotta-collect-them-all side character quests that made up most of the game I felt was the worst part. Inquisition combat reminds me of mmorpg combat but one player controls it all. I’m fine with that because I’m not about to spend for a monthly subscription then fart around trying to find a party without a mouth breathing IQ score to get anything done.

            I like all the combat flash too. No more boring and lazy Mage casting animations in a game is great.

            • McCloudX13

              I understand that, we just like two drastically different play styles. lol. I could care less about animations, I rather having challenging in depth combat that I can micro manage. The poor PC controls and combat are the only downfalls so far. I can’t wait to get farther into the story and check out all the party members I can get!

    • USMC03Vet

      They need to hurry up and allow mouse button binding. I’m able to use less than half of my available mouse buttons in 2014!

      I wish I could toggle off the highlights from objects since they overlap characters. Also that being unable to click-move-loot has got to change. Having to manually walk up to loot then click it to loot is obnoxious.


      • Sam

        shouldn’t have a problem with this, steelseries 😉

    • César Augusto Ribeiro

      I wish the game had some “point and click” action, for example to use simple attack on targets. That’s Terrible, as a melee character, to have to maneuver the char like a truck just to come close enough to attack and/or attack for behind. Dragon Age Origins was waaaay better on that.

      • USMC03Vet

        Is not hat bad if you’re use to playing FPS games. I play as dual dagger rogue and the only times it’s annoying is when the enemy moves slightly and I’m just out of range for backstab. It’s like they even knew this would be an issue though because if you use abilities and they don’t hit the target they don’t go on cool down or expand mana.

        • César Augusto Ribeiro

          Agree, just not with the part of FPS 🙂

    • InheritTheWindow

      You forgot a couple of the big ones: it is currently impossible to walk with a mouse/keyboard, and the menu screens (like inventory) are blatantly designed for a controller and a TV that you’re 10 feet away from.

      • USMC03Vet

        Yeah the UI is bad. If that toolbar didn’t exist on the PC it would be unplayable. I can’t even imagine using a controller and having to move through button layouts to find the ability I wants to use.

      • Peter Parrish

        That really doesn’t sound good.

    • squiddygamer

      Using console controller until it is fixed

    • wordddddhw

      Wait a minute wait a minute here. All major game sites were singing the praises of this game for the past two months. They had Played it, and loved it.

      Now you’re telling us that in reality, it’s a day after release and you guys Still haven’t received a PC copy yet??

      What a coincidence they didn’t get this to you guys, what a coincidence indeed. I was able to get up and running the moment we struck Nov 18, and I’m just a regular consumer.

      • wordddddhw

        Er I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for you guys reporting this though. So yeaaah, top notch! :p

        • Peter Parrish

          We do have a copy! It just doesn’t unlock until Friday because it’s a UK one.

          Thanks, EA.


          • Tim McDonald

            In fairness, this one isn’t really EA’s fault – we’d have had a copy two weeks ago except we mucked up and didn’t respond quickly enough. This is one time I can pretty much disprove the publisher conspiracy theories.

    • Justin Case

      Glad I purchased this for my PS4 too. I thought of a sofa and big screen experience. I played on PS4 initially and switched to PC to enjoy a more detailed version. What I found was atrocious!!
      These controls are NOT at all intuitive of previous releases in the series.
      Is it Jump? Is it time flow? I don’t know how to play this game effectively as I do on my PS4. Maybe I NEED to play with a controller?
      It’s certainly not my preferred method at my desk.
      Waiting….plz EA, don’t let this PC version get ignored.

      • McCloudX13

        Dude I hear ya, I put in 5 hours on PC controls. Finally gave up and started using my X1 controller. The game is much more enjoyable now. I honestly don’t even know if they could save the PC controls scheme. Everything feels so out of place and frustrating; moving, collecting loot, combat, pretty much everything 🙁

    • Derek

      U.S. player here.. The game on PC is a complete shit show. I can play the game with a controller but its a hot mess if you try to use a keyboard and mouse. You cannot bind any mouse keys at all, you don’t even have an option to bind a key for things like WALK lol. So you always run with no way to slow down this makes it difficult to loot or talk to NPCs because of the animations and momentum your character builds when moving.

      The UI itself is terrible and on the level of how Skyrim was before the modding community fixed it with I believe it was called SkyUI. Its a clear copy and paste of the Console UI which just simply doesn’t work for a PC. Theres a reason why some of us play on console and why some play on PC. They both have their stregnths and Bioware decided to completely ignore the PCs strengths.

    • https://www.addq.se Johan Sandström

      I guess Ill spend my hard earned bucks on something else this weekend – good work Bioware, keep it up and you wont have any PC players anymore.

    • David

      i dont care if keyboard nor mouse do what i want to do… FIX THE DAMN BUGS that make me not be able to pick up hidden clues/stuff like letters , stuff by the river , the red stuff in the city and fix combat also… i am still waiting for my enemy magic barrier to go under half so i can go forward.

    • Ann Fountain

      Got the PC version, played for 2 hours, shipped it back and got the Xbox 360 version. Graphics may be less then perfect, but playing the game is now fun. This is a fantastic game, AS LONG as you do not try to play it on a PC.

      • CD

        Or you could just, you know, plug in a controller.

        • Ann Fountain

          That’s the old fighter/bomber scenario, lousy fighter, lousy bomber. Prefer to hope they can do something with the PC controls eventually, if so will give it another try.

      • R6ex

        I’d rather plug in the controller into my PC than play that laggy & ugly last-gen console version.

        • Ann Fountain

          No accounting for taste.

    • Robert Kretzmeier

      This is my first DA game, having just gotten DA Inquisition. Also, being well into retirement, I am not the sharpest on computer tech. What can be done to solve the “runs” that my character has. Can something be set to make him walk instead. I am tired of hitting walls etc. Any help appreciated. Thanks all.

    • Vortex

      No mention of a zoom fix….

    • R6ex

      Luckily, there’s no problems for me as I play PC games with gamepad.

    • Martin Emmerset

      It isn’t just the PC controls. It is the underlying game mechanics as well. To avoid taking damage you need to physically move out of the way. Your stats don’t matter, you must aim , and dodge on time. This is pure action combat, no dice rolls in the background or stat checks. It is an Action game, with some RPG elements. Closer to FarCry 4 than to DA:O.This is why it is best played with a controller. There is no point and click to move in an action game, there is no auto attack in an action game. It is disconcerting that the gaming press has been completely silent on the issues being raised by the PC community for this game. At the very least it is controversial enough to make a good story, but there is absolute silence from the big name gaming blogs and online publications.

    • Eclipse

      Been a huge fan on the Dragon Age series on the PC since Origins, but after playing Inquisition with (keyboard & mouse) i can say that this game is now a dumbed down console game.

    • SC

      Pls improve the inventory for PC. It’s obvious the “scrolling up and down” menu is meant for CONSOLE. It’s a pain in the A** and it doesn’t even show you what is being equipped unless you click on the item (and a tiny subtext shows you you are equipping it) It’s horrible.