dragon age vivienne

Even Valve would be impressed by this hat.

Today’s Dragon Age: Inquisition party member character profile concerns Vivienne, a mage with a fine line in headgear. She’s the First Enchanter to the Imperial Court of Orlais, which apparently used to be a position akin to a “court jester” until she turned it around.

Through some hardcore politicing, Vivienne has made the First Enchanter position an advisory role to the Empress. Unfortunately, a war kicked off for the Orlesian throne and then a big hole appeared in the sky, so that rather affected her ongoing job prospects.

Now she wants to work with the Inquisition of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s title, and invites herself into the group by throwing a massive party for them. Possibly one with even more fancy hats, it’s not clear on this point.

As well as using more traditional spells, Vivienne can apparently rip her opponents apart “verbally, politically, socially” too. That’s probably just a metaphor, but if not I’m hoping for a spell category where you shame someone’s social standing so viciously that they just die on the spot.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming to PC on 7 October.


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