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Vivienne: her only true love is outrageous headgear.

As somebody who blundered into some seriously uncomfortable-looking sex with Mass Effect’s Miranda in an engine room, I know how important it is to know about Dragon Age: Inquisition’s romance options ahead of time. Luckily, BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw is here to provide all the answers. Well, most of the answers.

Laidlaw spells it all out in a Dragon Age: Inquisition forum post, which (needless to say) is somewhat spoilery if you don’t actually want to know what the romance options are. I’ll be repeating them shortly so this is your opportunity to leave if you don’t care to know which person favours the company of female elves.

In designing the romance system for Inquisition, Laidlaw says the intention was to offer players a certain amount of choice. Not that all romantic options would be available to all player types, but that at least one would be possible no matter what type of character you play. Second, that the characters are internally consistent – “we’re looking at how a romance with that character would make sense according to the rest of their story, and why that romance will strengthen an interesting story arc.”

Lastly, he notes that a character being ‘eligible’ for romance doesn’t mean they’ll automatically swoon into your arms. Your choices will apparently have an impact on their affections.

So, enough of that, here are the main romantic options in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Cassandra is interested in male characters.
  • Blackwall is interested in female characters.
  • Josephine is interested in both male and female characters
  • Iron Bull is interested in both male and female characters
  • Sera is interested in female characters.
  • Dorian is interested in male characters.

A couple of other options, said to be more “limited” in scope are possible, “as a result of the extra development time.” These are:

  • Cullen is interested in female elves and female humans.
  • Solas is interested in female elves only.

Which means, by a process of elimination that there will be no sexy-time interaction with any of the following characters: Varric, Vivienne, Cole, and Leliana.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released on 18 November.

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