BioWare gave a presentation about the art of Dragon Age: Inquisition at EGX today, which provided a number of new screens and concept pieces. They followed this talk with a developer-narrated walkthrough, but it was the same footage as shown at GamesCom.

The images, though, were mostly new to me. First, let’s have a look at some locations and character shots from the game. Click an image to enlarge. These were all screencapped from the EGX stream, so the quality has probably suffered a little.

During the presentation, 16th Century Northern Renaissance portraiture by artists like Holbein were cited as major influences on the Dragon Age: Inquisition art style. Here are some concept pieces which show early designs for the Inquisition team members, as well as faction colours and aesthetics.

Finally, BioWare showed off some of the tarot card style imagery used for character selection and depiction of your fellow Inquisition members. You’ll recognise several prospective party members from these. The Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer system will use the same style for class selection, too.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released on 18 November in the US and 21 November in Europe. Judging by the above, it’ll be something of a looker.

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