Dragon Age: Inquisition site adds race, class and specialisation info

dragon age vivienne
You can’t mess around with clothing options yet, sadly. So no way to see how this hat would suit you.

BioWare has added a page to the Dragon Age: Inquisition site allowing players to mess around with different racial, class and specialisation set-ups. Under the heading of “who will you become?” the straightforward tool lets you put together a few different character combinations with accompanying details.

For example, you could create a human mage and learn about the ‘Knight Enchanter’ specialisation, or make an elf warrior (don’t laugh) with a ‘Champion’ affinity. I also created a dwarf mage, but the lore told me that still wasn’t allowed due to technical reasons.

Each racial type gets a specific bonus: Humans will have an extra ability point to spend, Elves get a 25% ranged defense bonus, Dwaves have a 25% bonus to magical defense and Qunari get 50 extra health. Handy stuff.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition specialisation types don’t appear to have been fully revealed yet, as there are spaces for a couple more next to the one that is described under each class type.

You can also switch between male and female body types with a toggle near the bottom of the page, to give you a vague idea of what your Dragon Age: Inquisition character could look like in certain get-ups. There’s a basic gallery for each class too, although these only seem to have one image each at the moment. I suppose that’s enough to give you a decent idea.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released in mid-November, having been delayed from an initial October launch.

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