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You can’t mess around with clothing options yet, sadly. So no way to see how this hat would suit you.

BioWare has added a page to the Dragon Age: Inquisition site allowing players to mess around with different racial, class and specialisation set-ups. Under the heading of “who will you become?” the straightforward tool lets you put together a few different character combinations with accompanying details.

For example, you could create a human mage and learn about the ‘Knight Enchanter’ specialisation, or make an elf warrior (don’t laugh) with a ‘Champion’ affinity. I also created a dwarf mage, but the lore told me that still wasn’t allowed due to technical reasons.

Each racial type gets a specific bonus: Humans will have an extra ability point to spend, Elves get a 25% ranged defense bonus, Dwaves have a 25% bonus to magical defense and Qunari get 50 extra health. Handy stuff.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition specialisation types don’t appear to have been fully revealed yet, as there are spaces for a couple more next to the one that is described under each class type.

You can also switch between male and female body types with a toggle near the bottom of the page, to give you a vague idea of what your Dragon Age: Inquisition character could look like in certain get-ups. There’s a basic gallery for each class too, although these only seem to have one image each at the moment. I suppose that’s enough to give you a decent idea.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released in mid-November, having been delayed from an initial October launch.

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