BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition streaming blitz continued today with a half hour look at some of the rooms and features of the Skyhold stronghold. Obviously, if you want everything about Skyhold to remain a surprise then you should probably hold off reading this or looking at the screenshots.

The version being shown today was the Xbox One release, so don’t worry too much about the graphics/image quality being shown in these, PC players. Once the stream is archived, you’ll be able to re-watch it at BioWare’s channel.

Their little tour began in the Skyhold throne room.

dragon age skyhold18

You might notice a couple of things here. There’s scaffolding around the place, which is because at this point in the game Skyhold is still in a state of being rebuilt and repaired. Also, the protagonist is in more casual attire. Each hero/class type has informal gear they wear around Skyhold. As far as I could gather, there’s just one clothing option for this which can’t be changed.

dragon age skyhold27

Dragon Age: Inquisition will let you customise bits of the Skyhold fortress to suit your design tastes. You can see banners and so on in the menu above, which also scrolls down further to show things like Heraldry and other furnishings.

dragon age skyhold28

Here are some of the throne options. At this point in the game, many of them are still locked/unknown.

dragon age skyhold33

It’s also possible (indeed, desirable) to upgrade certain rooms and aspects of Skyhold. Here, BioWare has requisitioned the necessary resources to build either a Chantry or Herb garden. Each will offer benefits and drawbacks. Access to upgrades like these was said to be acquired through quest rewards, war table operations or just straightforward purchases.

dragon age skyhold34

Once in place, different types of herbs for potion crafting can be grown and cultivated in the garden.

dragon age skyhold03

An external courtyard shot, on the way to the dungeons.

dragon age skyhold04

The utterly exciting doorway to the dungeons (which I screencapped, so I’m using it, damnit.)

dragon age skyhold35

And finally the rather dilapidated dungeons themselves. You’ll be wanting to check down here regularly in case there are any prisoners you need to haul up to your throne room for a bit of Dragon Age: Inquisition judgement.

dragon age skyhold06

Another transition type image, on the way to play some games with Cullen.

dragon age skyhold07

Cullen and Dorian are playing some not-chess, but once Cullen wins you can have a chat with him and challenge him to a game as well. You don’t actually get to play this, but you can decide whether to play fair or just cheat.

dragon age skyhold09

Cheating at games? What kind of Inquisitor are you, anyway?

dragon age skyhold10

Your various followers, advisers and companions all hang out in various parts of Skyhold. This interaction with Cullen is just one example of the between-mission dialogue you can have with them. We’ll see another one shortly.

dragon age skyhold14

But first there was a brief look at the kitchens.

dragon age skyhold11.

A little more external rampart stuff.

dragon age skyhold13

The stables, where you can look at all the different mounts you have (or haven’t yet) unlocked in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

dragon age skyhold17

And a tavern. Because every good fortress needs a tavern.

dragon age skyhold20

This is where Vivienne likes to hang out.

dragon age skyhold22

While Josephine prefers to get work done in her gigantic chair. This particular chat and discussion has more immediate consequences, as we’ll see.

dragon age skyhold23

The decision concerns a contract which the Inquisition would benefit from owning. Spy-master Leliana simply wants to steal it, which Josephine prefers a more diplomatic approach. Your choice here will lead to the option of a specific (and different) operation at Skyhold’s war table.

dragon age skyhold24

Siding with Leliana, for example, would add an operation to steal the contract. Which you could launch pretty much immediately, if you have the necessary resources/power/influence to do so.

dragon age skyhold32

Finally, here’s the Undercroft where much of the Skyhold-based crafting happens. You can create new potions, forge weapons and all that kind of thing down here.

dragon age skyhold30

Here’s a look at the interface for weapon forging and customisation.

Again, the full stream will eventually be archived at BioWare’s channel if you wish to see it for yourself. If you haven’t already, you can also read previous articles about character creation (with images) and the PC specific options and interface.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released in mid November. The Dragon Age Keep will enter open beta on 29 October.

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