Doors swing open on 29 October.

The latest BioWare livestream about the Dragon Age Keep has announced that the system will be in open beta in just under two week’s time. If you want to hear the reveal yourself, hop forward to around 31 minutes in the archived stream at the bottom of this page.

On 29 October, the Keep will be open for all to sign up for and delve inside. Prior to that date, anybody who signed up to the closed beta (when that was still available) should receive an invitation for access.

As you’re probably aware, the Dragon Age Keep is the browser-based system which BioWare is providing to players so they can set up different “world states” by replicating (or altering) choices they made in the previous Dragon Age series titles. You’ll then be able to export that world state to your Dragon Age: Inquisition game.

This means you can set the backstory up just how you like it, without having to play through both previous games. It also avoids the problem of having saved games on different platforms.

In addition to the big open beta news, the BioWare team showed off a couple more of those ever-popular romance tiles.

Here’s Sera.

dragon age keep sera01

And here’s beefcake Cullen.

dragon age keep cullen01

Dragon Age: Inquisition itself will be released in mid November.

Watch live video from BioWare on Twitch

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