The Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening website has gone live, giving us plenty more details about the forthcoming expansion.The FAQ on the new site lets us know that we can expect two new specialisations for each class, two new high-level spell chains for mages – meaning 24 new spells, if you add on the class specialisations – and 32 new rogue and warrior talents.The FAQ also reveals that romances do not carry forward into Awakening, because “you are away from your previous life fighting a new threat,” and notes that there are no romance options in Awakening at all.Even though you can’t romance them, you’ll be seeing a load of returning Dragon Age: Origins characters. There’s Oghren, who “plays a large role in Awakening,” but also cameos and returning characters. You can potentially meet Loghain, Wynne, Alistair, and Anora again depending on your Origins choices, and Master Wade and Herren will return in much the same roles as before.Avoiding spoilers, we’ll just say that no matter what decisions you made towards the end of Origins, you’ll be able to import your character into Awakening. “Essentially, if a player doesn’t have a problem hand-waiving the story in this regard – neither do we,” reads the FAQ, which also notes that all items and equipment will be carried over barring Origins promotional items and DLC loot, “which were meant for Origins alone.”If players want a new character, then they’ll take the role of an Orlesian Warden. While this won’t give players a new Origin story to play through, it will change reactions to the player throughout the game.Finally, the FAQ confirms that the PlayStation 3 version of Awakenings will be download-only in Europe, while it will presumably be available both at retail and for digital download on PC and Xbox 360.Based on how good Dragon Age: Origins was, we’re looking forward to Awakening, which pits the Warden against another growing Darkspawn threat. Have a look at the trailer and a handful of screens, learn about the potential of more sexytime in the PC version, and pre-order the game if you have Origins on Steam.Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening is due out on 16 March.

Paul Younger
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