Dragon Age: Origins – Darkspawn Chronicles Announced

BioWare has announced Dragon Age: Origins – Darkspawn Chronicles.The latest DLC module changes things up a bit, giving you control over the Darkspawn. The DLC assumes that Alistair ended up leading the Grey Wardens against the Darkspawn, while you, in turn, play as a Hurlock vanguard capable of commanding genlocks, hurlocks, shrieks, and ogres.Victory in the module grants “an epic Darkspawn item” in both Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening.The module is due out this month, and if the recent Xbox LIVE Marketplace schedule is anything to go by, it’ll be around 18 May and we can expect it to cost 400 Microsoft Points – the same as previous DLC module Return to Ostagar. That said, it’s set for release on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.High hopes for this one. Let’s just hope PS3 owners have that patch to fix Dragon Age: Origins before the DLC hits, eh?

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