Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening is now available for pre-order on Steam.The Steam blurb mentions that the expansion requires the Steam edition of Dragon Age: Origins, so this pre-order is unavailable to those who have a shop-bought copy of the game.Awakening, the first full expansion to Dragon Age: Origins, takes place after the close of the original game. Players take control of the Grey Warden Commander as he or she attempts to rebuild the ancient order, but being that it’s a Dragon Age expansion and not, in fact, a city builder or strategy game, things go predictably pear-shaped when it turns out that the Darkspawn are still hanging around, despite the threat seeming finished at the end of the original title.We’re promised five new party members and a returning favourite, a raised level cap, plenty of all-new foes, a huge new area to explore, and the ability to either import our Warden from the first game or create a new one. From what we’re told, the PC version might also feature more explicit sexytime than the console versions, in case that’s likely to impact your decision.Being that we absolutely adored the original game, awarding it both Best RPG of 2009 and Best PC Game of 2009, we simply cannot wait for this expansion. Check out the full details on Awakening here, have a look at some screens over here, and be sure to check out the trailer over on IGTV.There’s also some more DLC coming in the form of Return to Ostagar, although being that it’s been delayed twice already, it’s possible we’ll see Awakening – due on 16 March – before that goes live.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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