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Bandai Namco Entertainment has unleashed new character Gogeta [SSGSS] upon Dragon Ball FighterZ today. The hot fighting game from Arc System Works based on the popular Dragon Ball Z anime, this post would normally be about his inclusion to the roster. Instead, there’s a neat hint at the end of his trailer that reveals an interesting plan for next month.

Starting on Oct 12, all players of Dragon Ball FighterZ will be able to sample a rotating roster of the game’s DLC fighters. The first two characters available will be Goku [Base] and Vegeta [Base]. After that, Zamasu [Fused] and Cooler will be rotated into the mix on Nov 2. This pattern will likely continue until each new character has been given a shot. The trailer basically confirms that hunch, showing off Broly, Vegito [SSGSS], Android 17, and Bardock standing at the end.

I’m completely on board with that idea, too. While I typically tend to wait on newer fighting games to amass a sizeable roster before making the jump, getting to test out FighterZ‘s newcomers will at least let me know if they’re worth dropping money on. As much as a joke character may affect the meta of a game, sometimes it’s just not worth grabbing every single new fighter. Maybe you’re also curious about one particular character, but not the entire season, as well.

Some people might scoff at that idea, but I say bring it on. It always stinks when a new character is added to your favorite game, but you don’t have the money just yet or are waiting for the entire DLC pack to release. At least with this method, you can play around with Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s newcomers and become familiar before you buy them. Maybe this will spark a trend that other fighting games will adapt. I’d like that.

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