Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Stream

The Dragon Quest series turns 35 this year! To celebrate the role-playing game’s anniversary on May 27, Square Enix is hosting a special livestream event. During the stream, fans will hear news about multiple Dragon Quest titles, including Dragon Quest X Online and Dragon Quest of the Stars. Plus, a portion of the stream will feature announcements on Dragon Quest releases yet to come. It’s looking to be the ultimate information hub for dedicated Dragon Quest fans.

Natsumi Uga will host the first part of the stream, dedicated to delivering news on current Dragon Quest titles. According to Nintendo Enthusiast, fans will hear updates about the following games:

  • “Dragon Quest X Online
  • Dragon Quest Walk
  • Dragon Quest Tact
  • Dragon Quest of the Stars
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light
  • Dragon Quest Rivals Ace
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai┬áseries
  • Dragon Quest: Great Demon Lord Zoma and the Island of Beginnings”


Future Dragon Quests

In part two of the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream, series creator Yuji Horii will sit down with actor JOY to discuss the future of the franchise. Square Enix teased that the discussion will include news about “what’s yet to come” in terms of new Dragon Quest titles. Of course, the studio did not provide any hints about the announcements. However, fans suspect that there may be news about the previously announced Dragon Quest Monsters game, a spin-off with Dragon Quest XI‘s Erik. Additionally, there may be news regarding Dragon Quest XII. Development on the series’ next installment began in 2019, so we may be getting closer to a release window.

The Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream will kick off on May 27 at 5:30 AM CEST. Fans in the U.S. can watch the stream on May 26 at 8:30 PM PDT/11:30 PM EDT. There will be English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions on YouTube.

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