Knockout City Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass for PC library continues to grow. Next month, Xbox Game Pass will receive two big titles: Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Knockout City. While the former has been out for a few years now, the latter is a brand new title launching on May 21. Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play will have access to Knockout City on launch day.

Before all that dodgeball fun, though, Xbox Game Pass for PC will gain Dragon Quest Builders 2 on May 4. This block-building spinoff of the Dragon Quest series takes place on the Isle of Awakening. As a young builder, you and a friend named Malroth will explore the island and craft different communities using a variety of building resources. Meanwhile, monsters and a dangerous cult will try to tear everything down, so it’s up to you to stop them. The sandbox game offers plenty of freedom to play and create whatever you’d like, and you can even build with friends.


Later in the month, Knockout City will roll onto Electronic Arts’ EA Play service, which is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This “dodgebrawling” title takes competitive dodgeball to a new level. Multiplayer teams compete against each other in some intense rounds of dodgeball, where the goal is to knock out opponents with the ball. However, unlike real dodgeball, Knockout City holds a few twists. There are different ball types to give different abilities like higher jumps. Oh, and you can throw your friends, too. Be the ball.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Xbox Game Pass

An ever-expanding library

When Knockout City arrives on May 21, it will join a packed library of other EA Play titles on Xbox Game Pass. The subscription services finally merged for PC users last month, bringing EA titles to an already huge library of Xbox Game Pass games. The integration even included EA’s most popular titles like Battlefield, FIFA, and The Sims, so there’s really something for everyone on Xbox Game Pass. Knockout City is still a few weeks away, but be sure to nab Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Xbox Game Pass in just a few days.

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