DreadEye from DreadOut creators bringing horror to VR

DreadEye from DreadOut creators bringing horror to VR

Indonesian developer Digital Happiness who created the rather horrifying DreadOut (see our review) will be releasing their latest horror title for VR.

Called DreadEye, the game is coming to the Vive on 28 November so be prepared to be spooked. In this game, players take on the role of an Indonesian shaman, or dukun as they are called over there, who will use rituals to open a gate to the spirit realm where all kinds of horrors lurk.

Strangely enough, my mother actually went to see a dukun in Jakarta for healing and the ritual sounded very, very strange indeed. I doubt it was as horrifying as what Digital Happiness have planned though.

Oculus gamers will have to wait a little longer for the Rift version but it will be coming some time after the Vive version.┬áCheck out the trailer below and there’s a Steam page up if you fancy it.

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