DreadOut DLC is free for Indiegogo backers – Steam DLC pricing not set


With the release of DreadOut around the corner there’s been some unintentional confusion over the pricing of future content.

When you purchase a copy of the game on Steam you get Act 1 of the game. However, there is a second part that is being released as DLC after release.

As you may or may not know the game was initially crowd funded on Indiegogo. To clarify, all backers of the game on Indiegogo will get the Act 2 DLC for free along with the Free Roam Mode DLC in the months ahead.

First time purchasers who buy the game through Steam will have to pay for these two extra pieces of DLC. We asked Digital Happiness about the pricing and they say that additional DLC pricing has not been finalised but they think it will be around the $9.99 mark.

So to sum up, if you backed the game on Indiegogo you’ll get it all for free otherwise the DLC is sold separately.

Digital Happiness are aware there may be some confusion over the DLC and will update the store page to make it clear for everyone. This evening they also  posted a quick note to say that the game was accidentally released early but the game will be on sale on 15 May as originally planned now that that technical difficulty has been sorted out.

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