For some new Darkspore players, EA’s online authentication system has been down since 18 October.
    Online authentication is a form of Digital Rights Management or DRM (the same style that will be used for Diablo III and may be used for Mass Effect 3 now that it has multiplayer), designed to combat piracy. Instead, as is so often the case, it’s currently targeting innocent players.
    In a problem that seems to be limited to new players, an ‘Error 73001’ is being thrown out by the game’s launcher, preventing Darkspore from starting. As the game offers no ‘offline play’ mode, this means players are stuck with no options until EA sorts it out.
    Progress on this front appears to be very slow. The problem was first raised in a (now locked) eleven page forum thread on 18 October. The update for 25 October reads as follows: “After conversing with the Devs, they state that they can’t yet guarantee an ETA & while they are hopeful, there are no intended announcements of any kind yet planned.”
    Not exactly encouraging stuff. Meanwhile, an unknown number of players are stuck with a game they can’t run, all thanks to DRM.
    Source: rockpapershotgun.com

    Paul Younger
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