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Excellent space-based, action-RPG Drox Operative will be getting an expansion called Invasion of the Ancients sometime during the third quarter of 2013 (I’m pretty sure that means July-September,) according to developers Soldak Entertainment.

The Ancients are an old foe of the original Drox, now returning to seek revenge on their Operatives. In this add-on, your task will be to defend the Drox Operative Guild (and the younger races of the galaxy) against this new threat.

Feature-wise, this is what you’re looking at:

  • Defend against ancient race invasions
  • Destroy or defend space stations (military and production)
  • Guide the evolution of persistent galaxies
  • Design components with socketable chips
  • Play as or against the new race, the Scavenger
  • Battle new Talon, Legion, and Overlord monsters
  • Solve new quests and equip new components

You can read more about Drox Operative, sample a demo, or pick the full game up for $20 USD at the game’s official site.

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