Dual Universe Opening Cinematic Ship

Novaquark, the developer behind Dual Universe, has revealed that the game’s beta will begin on August 27. The studio has been hard at work on its ambitious space MMO for more than four years already and believes it’s ready to share it with more of the world. Novaquark will also drop its non-disclosure restrictions once the beta opens up. That means experienced testers can soon begin sharing their opinions about the game, too.

Dual Universe Opening Cinematic Escape novaquark

Earth is gone. Make a new path and build an empire.

Speaking of which, this gorgeous new trailer should get people excited to start playing. The cinematic depicts Earth’s inhabitants traveling across the universe to find a new place to call home. In the story of Dual Universe, Earth is destroyed by a neutron star. Faced with no other option, humanity sets out to do what it does best: adapt and survive.

The developer feels confident about the progress it’s made on Dual Universe so far. A full launch of the game should come in 2021. Fortunately, eager members of the community can jump in much sooner, provided they’re willing to pay.

Dual Universe is pay to play

Novaquark chose to adopt a subscription model for the game and intends to implement it in the beta. Access to Dual Universe will cost subscribers $6.99 USD per month, which the developer thinks is reasonable compared to competitors. You can also find savings in annual subscriptions, which add up to two free months out of the year.

The decision likely won’t please everyone, but it does make sense for Novaquark. As an independent studio, it needs to start generating revenue before it can continue development. The game itself looks to be moving right along, so original backers shouldn’t take much issue with the costs.

Dual Universe PvP combat reveal Novaquark

Trade, explore, fight in fleet battles, or socialize and build connections in cities.

Novaquark did note, however, that Alpha backers will receive free beta access. If this appeals to you, it’s not too late to become one. Alpha packs range from $60-$180 depending on what items appeal to you. They’re not cheap, but the basic Alpha pack could save some cash over time.

We’ve been covering this project for years now, which makes it very exciting to see it become something real that you can play and enjoy. Many crowdfunded projects fail, or they end up like the curious case of Star Citizen. Backers of Dual Universe will no doubt be pleased to at last show friends what this game is all about.

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