Fortnite Duel Challenge

Fortnite Season 5, Week 15 has finally arrived. This means that it is the last week of Fortnite challenges before the start of a brand new season. Also, this is your last chance to make sure you have completed your battle pass before Season 6. For a while now, various NPC’s have populated the Fortnite map. They offer exotic weapons, opportunities to start bounty contracts, and more. Some of these characters also offer the chance for you to duel them. A particular Fortnite challenge requires you to duel with a minimum of five, but up to 25 characters to earn the maximum XP for this challenge.

Not all characters allow you to duel them. You can duel with Big Chuggus who is located at Slurpy Swamp or at the Shanty Town. Next, you can engage in a duel with Blaze on the hill to the south of Sweaty sands and with Brutus in the southern area of Dirty Docks. The character Ragnarok is also prepared to take on a duel at the Viking Vessel in Holly Hedges, alongside Menace who is in the Colossal Coliseum point of interest. Additionally, Ruckus can be found at Hydro 16 which is to the west of Lazy Lake. Finally, Kondor is to the eastern side of Misty Meadows and Kit roams around Catty Corner.


A lot of XP is up for grabs

You will have to win a minimum of five duels to earn the huge 55,000 XP reward for this Fortnite challenge. If you are willing to keep defeating these characters another five times, you will earn 22,000 XP rewards up until you have defeated a total of 25 NPCs. It is important to note that these characters can be quite deadly. Therefore, you may want to find some fairly strong weapons and some heals before you get into combat. However, it is definitely a challenge worth completing to rack up a lot of XP.

Fortnite Duel Challenge

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