Today’s PC patch brings significant changes.
    Developed began in 1997, the game was released in 2011 but, it seems, Duke Nukem Forever is still not finsihed. Today’s PC patch release brings a number of tweaks and alterations that, on paper at least, sound fairly significant from a gameplay perspective.
    Servers have been overhauled, weapon/inventory structure changed and textures improved. A console patch is expected soon.
    Here’s the full list of PC changes:

    4-weapon inventory option for single player 
    MP Server favourites 
    Dedicated server overhaul 
    FOV can be modified 
    Change VOIP to push-to-talk (bandwidth fix) 
    VAC anti-cheat system enabled 
    Support for Japanese Steam ID’s for PC release in Japan 
    Auto-aim fix 
    Blood effects on surfaces behind enemies when shot 
    Steam.exe no longer uses an unusually high amount of CPU 
    Texture quality improvements 
    Fixes to prevent single player and multiplayer save data corruption 
    Leaderboard exploit fixed 
    AMD Dual-Core Optimizer no longer automatically installed (fixes rare bugs with Intel processors) 
    Crash/compatibility fixes and other minor bugs


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