Duke Nukem’s corpse appears to be twitching

duke nukem

It appears that you can’t kill the king, even with something as drawn-out and dreadful as Duke Nukem Forever. A new Duke Nukem site has popped up, counting down towards what would be 2 September.

At least it was counting down at one point, now I just get a message saying “sorry, but you cannot view this website at this time”. Anyway, the site has all the Gearbox registration marks and legalise you’d expect for an upcoming announcement. In addition, a Duke Nukem twitter account has arisen out of nowhere, and is mostly being followed by prominent Gearbox people.

So, something is happening with the license. Whether that something is going to be a brand new game, or some kind of fresh round of remastering, or what, will probably be revealed around 2 September. That coincides with the start of PAX West, so that would fit.