Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue is a rogue-lite spin-off heading to Early Access today

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Fans of Dungeon Defenders don’t have much to fear with that “rogue-lite” term slapped onto Going Rogue. The game still includes what you already enjoyed from the mainline series. Yes, there are dungeons and, yes, you defend them with an array of traps and towers. Going Rogue combines that gameplay with procedurally generated rooms and randomized runes. You can also still go at it solo or co-op for up to four players. Oh, and you can play Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue today, as it’s now available on Steam Early Access.

According to developer Chromatic Games, Going Rogue is about 80-90% complete. So it’s not like you’re going in for a rough, glued-together version of the game ahead of release. Right now, the team is testing the Early Access build of Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue while asking for any feedback from fans.


The current build is full to the brim with content. It comes with 20 maps and four customizable heroes, such as the Squire, Monk, Apprentice and Huntress. There are three boss fights, all set in large arenas away from the usual tower action. The game also has talent systems, over 75 weapons, and more than 200 runes and items to discover. Going Rogue is being cross-developed with Dungeon Defenders Awakened, and any content made for the latter will make its way to the former. Yes, there’s a lot of stuff here to experience.

Run, run, run

To celebrate the launch, Chromatic is holding a speedrunning competition starting today. Contestants are challenged to outrun each other until the end date of April 3, all the while vying for a $10,000 prize pool. You can only go at it solo, and you have to livestream your attempts and submit them to the team.

Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue is an exciting new addition to the series, originally starting  as a new game mode that blossomed into an entirely new game,” said Alec Saare, creative director, in a press release. “We are harmonizing the beloved elements of Dungeon Defenders with the ever-changing customizability and replayability innate to the roguelite genre. Creating fun challenges for players to take on over and over again is our favorite part of working on this beloved series!”

Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue is available now on Steam Early Access. It’s currently going for 15% off at $12.74 USD. After the launch, the developer will change the price “due to planned additional content and development.” If you’re hankering to defend some dungeons, now might be a good time.

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