Dungeon Runners To Close

NCsoft’s free-to-play MMO Dungeon Runners is due to shut down at the end of the year.The game, which has been running since 2007, is not profitable and is due to close down on New Year’s Eve.Players who had a paid membership as of 16 September will get a 30 day game time code, in addition to free digital copies of City of Heroes Architect Edition and Guild Wars Prophecies.Not only that, but those who continue playing will find themselves able to more easily experience what’s left in the game. Mythic loot will drop more frequently, King’s Coin vendors will be cheaper, and the rate of XP gain will be quintupled.In typical satirical fashion the game will literally go out with a bang, with a huge nuke being added to Townston that’s due to blow up on New Year’s Eve and take the game with it.Which makes us a bit sad. Dungeon Runners was a fun little game that had an interesting (and often hilarious) take on the genre. Presumably, unpaid players can still play for free by downloading the client over on the official website, but don’t get too attached.

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