September 5th, 2017

Dungeons 2 announced, hopefully better than the first

Dungeons 2 announced, hopefully better than the first

dungeons 2

Kalypso Media have announced Dungeons 2, a game that once again seeks to offer the best in dungeon management. By which I mean fantasy dungeons, not BDSM. That would be a very different game.

Speaking of “very different games”, though, we’re rather hoping that Dungeons 2 will prove to be quite different to its predecessor. Peter gave the original a 4/10 back when it launched in 2011 (and you can read the review here, although thanks to a site redesign it has no score or screenshots and it’s credited to Paul), which doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Still, we can’t really judge Dungeons 2 until it’s out, and I’d imagine developer Realmforge has learned a thing or two in the past four years. There’s a full single-player campaign with two playable factions and four different multiplayer modes for up to four players. This time around you’ll also be taking the fight to the humans by attacking their cities in the overworld, which offers two different gameplay styles: you’ll have dungeon management in the underworld and RTS-style gameplay in the overworld. And yes, you’ve still got the Hand of Terror to issue commands and/or slap the hell out of your minions.

Dungeons 2 is due out in 2015, and you can see a teaser trailer for it below. Let’s hope it’s more Dungeon Keeper than Dungeons.

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