Dungeons And Dragons Online Celebrates Four Years, Increased

Turbine has announced that its MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online has attracted over one million new players since its re-launch as free-to-play in September.

The new game model included an option for players to pay a subscription fee in return for extra content and items, as well as the option to play for free. However, since the re-launch of DDO, adding the suffix “Unlimited” to the game’s title, the number of paying subscribers has actually more than doubled. In fact, all payment plans have seen a huge influx of players, according to Turbine.

The new DDO store, where free-to-play users can buy additional items or adventure packs that open up more content, is also doing very well, performing at three times the industry average, resulting in a revenue growth of over 500% for the franchise since the game’s re-launch.

“The launch of DDO Unlimited has been a huge success and has really taken the game to a new level,” said Fernando Paiz, executive producer of DDO Unlimited.  “As we celebrate our 4th birthday, the game has never been better and we’re just getting started with more adventure packs, more store items, and other innovative features coming in the major updates we have planned throughout 2010.”

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