Dungeons Celebrates Going Gold with Theme Song Release

Kalypso’s upcoming dungeon-based strategy title cunningly titled Dungeon is due for release at the beginning of February and in the run up to it they have released an mp3 of the game’s theme tune.  As you’d expect it conjures up a foreboding sense but as this orchestral piece is only a minute long it’s not one you can add to your instrumental ‘no-words-I-need-to-ponder’ mp3 playlist which is a shame.

Dungeons will see you take on the role of Dungeon Lord and set your goblin minion crew to work on digging out and helping you create a devilishly designed dungeon that will hopefully lure and trap heroes who, instead of finding glorious treasures, lose their souls which you use to build even greater dungeons.  Wow, I got through that entire news item without mentioning Dungeon Keeper. Oh.
Grab the Dungeon Theme Tune.

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