Cyanide is building quite a niche for itself with conversions of classic tabletop miniature games, after releasing Blood Bowl about fifty times and (more recently) putting out a version of Confrontation. Next in line is Dungeonbowl, a twist on the Blood Bowl formula.
    First released as an expansion set for the second edition of Blood Bowl’s tabletop edition, Dungeonbowl takes the bizarre, high-fantasy-mixed-with-American-football game underground and adds even more strange rules. Teams in Dungeonbowl are constructed from three different fantasy races (example: the Rainbow Wizards team is humans, halflings and elves). Moreover, the first touchdown wins and ends the game.
    Getting a touchdown isn’t too easy though, because the ball starts the game hidden inside one of six chests (with the other five being booby-trapped).
    Dungeonbowl is due on PC in the second quarter of 2012. Enjoy some amazingly dull images of the pitch bookending this news piece.

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