Dungeons To Include ‘Endless’ Mode & Modding Opportunities

Realmforge has divulged a few more details about its Dungeon Keeper-esque project, Dungeons.
According to a developer’s post in the Dungeons forum, an ‘endless play’ (or custom) mode will be included at release, with map editor and modding options to follow in a patch.
“Modding is a very essential part of the game and we try to live up to this,” the post states. “The editor will hopefully become more user friendly and will be part of a patch after the release and lua script files can easily be modified.”
He then adds, “Btw a custom game / endless mode will be part of the game.”
A new trailer for the title has also been released today and can be viewed, below. Frame-rates look a little jerky at present, but we’re presumably looking at an incomplete build.

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