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Dying Light 2 has had a bit of a rough start amidst all of the hype and extensive marketing campaigns. Not only is the game filled with dread-inducing apocalyptic monsters and parkour, but it has a boatload of bugs as well. Having a few bugs on release isn’t uncommon for games, but evidently, Dying Light 2 has a very noticeable amount of bugs. Reviewers and fans everywhere are talking more about the parts of the game that don’t work than the parts that do.

Our review mentioned some of the ways technical issues and janky mechanics bogged down Dying Light 2, and we’re not alone in that front. While reviews have been mostly positive, even the most generous of reviews have mentioned the bugs. And if Techland was able to find and fix over 1,000 bugs, my guess is the technical issues were somewhat of a big issue in the game.


Day one patch

In regards to the state of Dying Light 2, Developer Techland stated, “Within the last two weeks we added over a thousand fixes and improvements on all the platforms. You can expect the day one patch with another thousand tweaks to go live on consoles within the next few days, and of course, we are continuing our efforts to improve the PC version in real-time.” The developers also delayed the Nintendo Switch version of the game and promised players five years of post-launch support.

Regardless, while the trend of releasing unfinished and buggy games can get a little grating, it’s clear there’s a solid adventure behind all of Dying Light 2’s bugs. Whether you’re confident you can handle any possible remaining bugs or you’re confident Techland has managed to fix them all, Dying Light 2 is available to pick up through Steam. Otherwise, stay tuned for any updates regarding the status of the game.

Dying Light 2 Bugs

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