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Dying Light 2 is set 15 years after the original game. The Harran Virus has spread, infecting most of humanity and leading the world to a new Dark Age. The undead roam the streets and factions vie for survival. That’s where you come in as Aiden Caldwell, a man who’s been searching for his long-lost sister, all while being chased by a demented scientist. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guides and features hub to help you with everything you need to know about the game.

Note: We’ll continue adding more guides to our Dying Light 2 hub, so stay tuned.


Dying Light 2 guides and features hub

Official reviewDying Light 2 is a massive game that’ll take many hours to complete. You’ll face off against hostile humans and the zombie hordes, all while traversing the city of Villedor through various methods. But, is it worth your while? Find out in our official review.

Best combat skills – Use ideal perks to bring down your foes.

Best parkour skills – Make the most out of your athletic capabilities.

All Inhibitor Containers – Find these important items so you can increase your stats further.

Safe zones and fast travel – Speed up exploration or take a breather.

Medkit healing and upgrades – Keep yourself in tip-top condition by healing up.

Lockpicking mechanics and upgrades – Open those doors and loot those chests.

How to increase immunity – Stay in the sun, or find UV lamps and boosters if you’re in the dark.

Nightrunner Tool: Paraglider – Zip across the skies and marvel at the view.

Nightrunner Tool: Grappling Hook – Latch onto walls and beams as you swing to new heights.

Nightrunner Tool: UV Flashlight – Make the zombies see purple, causing them to get stunned.

Melee weapons: Repairing durability and using modsDying Light 2 heavily focuses on melee combat, but weapons tend to break down. Still, there are mods that can help repair durability, while providing combat procs.

Ranged weapons: Bows, crossbows, and changing ammo types -Thankfully, you can find some ranged weapons as you explore. They’re going to trivialize most encounters.

How to turn humans into zombies – There are some key items that can turn normal humans into ravenous undead.

Special Infected: Night chases and trophies – The horrors await you all over The City. At night, you can start a chase with a level that gradually increases. It’s fairly rewarding, too.

Random encounters – From time to time, you might see NPCs that need your help or roaming targets that you can bring down.

Windmills – Reach the top of these structures and activate the panel.

Bandit Camps – Eliminate the hostiles and take control of these bases.

City Alignment: Survivors or Peacekeepers – Which faction rewards are better in the long run?

Facilities: Water Towers and Electrical Stations – Let’s talk about the facilities that you can assign to the Survivors or Peacekeepers.

Radio Towers – Climb to the very top and get a signal boost to reveal the locations of Inhibitors.

Military Airdrops and Military Tech – Open these crates to get the currency needed for gadget upgrades.

Sunken Airdrops – Several airdrops can be found on rooftops, but the rest require you to dive deeper underwater.

GRE Anomaly and Revenants – Defeat these special infected so you can pick up more Inhibitors.

GRE Quarantine Buildings – Delve deeper into lairs filled with the undead.

Major decisions and the point of no return – Decide the fates of your friends and foes.

Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties

Official review – Will the DLC keep you entertained, or do numerous issues plague it?

How to start the DLC – Here’s how you can start the DLC’s main quest if you’re having problems.

How to equip DLC outfits – Show your fashion sense.

Carnage Manica usage and upgrades – Block attacks and unleash your own moves.

First Blood: How to catch the thief – Chase the thief before the timer expires.

Madmen From Villedor: Crystal locations – Undergo the trials and find those crystals.

The Only Hope: Ogar’s armor and hidden cache – Search for the former champion’s gear.

Gilded Cage: Skullface safe code and loop bug – Discover the safe code and avoid a nasty bug.

Carnage Hall challenges and fame guide – Complete challenges to increase your ranking.

How to replay challenges – Redo these activities to get the highest possible score.

How to farm Opera Tokens fast – Acquire a lot of these tokens so you can buy more stuff.

How to beat the final boss – Take out your nemesis.

Endings and important decisions – Make the ideal choices for you.

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam.

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