Dying Light 2: All Inhibitor Container locations guide

Dying Light 2 All Inhibitor Containers Guide

Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Containers guide – Inhibitors found while free-roaming

Let’s discuss the Inhibitor Containers in Dying Light 2 that you’ll find while free-roaming. These are the ones that aren’t tied to specific main missions, and they’re also not in areas where other activities/objectives are present. For this section, I’ve listed them based on the district.



There are a couple here and they’re both inside apartments in the northern area. One could be picked up without issues, but the other seems to be behind a wooden board that can’t be destroyed when I last checked.


You’ll find a Nightrunner Hideout here with a safe. There’s a note that tells you to use “1-0-1” as a code to open it.

There’s also another box that’s in a ruined subway straddling the border between Houndfield and Quarry End. Follow the escalator and check behind the containers.


Two of these are actually in the same building right next to the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp. You can grab the first one on the edge of a walkway. The second, meanwhile, is on the opposite side of the apartment. You should see a safe on a desk, with an elevator shaft next to it. Climb the shaft to pick up a note which tells you to use “3-1-3” as a code.

The third Inhibitor Container in this Dying Light 2 district is further south. It’s in a room with a makeshift bridge by the window.

New Dawn Park

Check the apartment north of the Fish Eye Bar to find this.

Dl2sth Inh Cont 4


There’s a Dark Hollow in the northwestern section of the Garrison district. This crate is behind a wooden wall that you can destroy.

Dl2sth Inh Cont 5

Lower Dam Ayre

These three are in or near the river. The first two are underwater, so just swim and ping the map until you see them (as seen in the images below). The last one can be found under a bridge near a GRE Anomaly encounter.

Saint Paul Island

The first Inhibitor Container can be found on the balcony overlooking the main chamber of Saint Paul Cathedral (where you’ll fight a Demolisher named Leto). However, once I reached the marked spot, there was nothing there.

As for the other Inhibitor Container, it’s in the bell tower of Saint Thomas the Apostle (where you’ll also find a Military Airdrop). It’s inside a safe, but you can get the code (“4-4-4”) from a note that’s right above you.

Newfound Lost Lands

The five Inhibitor Containers that are underwater are already discussed in our Sunken Airdrops guide. However, there’s one more in the Radio Tower facility. Go to the back of this area to find an old building. Head inside and watch out for the infected, including a couple of Chargers. Once they’ve been taken care of, you can pick up the item.

That does it for this section of our Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Containers guide. Don’t forget to take a look at our other guides on Metro Stations, Infrastructure Facilities, GRE Anomalies, GRE Quarantine Buildings, Radio Towers, Military Airdrops, and Sunken Airdrops/Underwater Containers, as those may also have Inhibitors that you can pick up.

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