Dying Light 2 Random Encounters Guide

The city of Villedor in Dying Light 2 is filled with random encounters. These will appear as blue diamond icons on your screen, oftentimes accompanied by someone yelling for help or a unique sound effect. You’re free to ignore these, or you can complete them for minor rewards. These rewards are obtained by talking to an NPC you rescued, or by looting a particular target. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you with the random encounters that you’ll stumble upon as you explore the game world.

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Dying Light 2 random encounters guide

Trapped survivor

An NPC is hanging inside a metal cage. Kill the zombies surrounding them, then use a throwing knife or slashing weapon to cut them down. A variant of this random encounter in Dying Light 2 has an NPC being grabbed by a zombie, so just take out that foe to rescue them.

Dying Light 2 Random Encounters Guide 1

Cuffed survivor

At least three bandits have an NPC surrounded, and you have to eliminate them. The NPC could either be handcuffed and kneeling on the ground, or they might be tied to a pyre. If it’s the latter, delaying for too long will cause them to burn to death.

Dying Light 2 Random Encounters Guide 2

Low immunity survivor

A survivor’s immunity has gone down. There’s a very short timer here, but you need to give them an Immunity Booster or UV Shroomz.

Dying Light 2 Random Encounters Guide 3

Runaway bandit

A bandit will spot you before making a mad dash to escape. Kill them to pick up some loot.

Dl2sth Rndenc Gd 1

The Bolter

In areas where there are a lot of infected, you might see a Bolter. It will scurry away, so take it out quickly (you can see glowing footprints on the ground). Bolters are often guaranteed to drop rare infected trophies.

Dl2sth Rndenc Gd 2

Campfire story

These kinds of random encounters in Dying Light 2 appear as book icons on the map and HUD. You can sit down and listen to some NPCs chatting.

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Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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