Dying Light 2 Turn Humans Into Zombies Infected Blade Infected Arrow

More often than not in Dying Light 2, you’ll be up against human opponents. You’ll only bother yourself with the undead if it’s nighttime or if you’re exploring interiors. However, there’s a hilarious way of “turning” foes against each other. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you turn humans into infected zombies with the Infected Blade and Infected Arrows.

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Dying Light 2 guide – How to turn humans into infected zombies

To turn humans into infected zombies in Dying Light 2, you can use two items — the Infected Blade or the Infected Arrows. These are sold by Craftmaster NPCs, though I didn’t see them until much later in the campaign. Here are the crafting requirements:

  • 1x Infected Blade – 10x scraps, 1x rags, and 1x infected trophy (rare).
  • 3x Infected Arrows – 10x scraps, 1x feathers, and 3x infected trophy (uncommon). Make sure you find a bow so you can swap to and use this ammo type.

Dying Light 2 Turn Humans Into Zombies Infected Blade Infected Arrow 1

Once you have either of the Infected Blade or Infected Arrows in Dying Light 2, go ahead and find hostile Renegades anywhere. Hit them with the projectile and wait three seconds for the virus to take effect. Your target should then kneel down and violently cough. Their model might bug out and disappear, but it’ll respawn as the infected type.

If it’s daytime, you’ll notice that the now-undead enemy will slowly get roasted and die. However, their former cohorts might also finish the job. It seems a bit random, but the NPC’s AI will sometimes realize that their old buddy is now a zombie.

Note: Sadly, I wasn’t able to test this properly on non-hostile NPCs (i.e., Peacekeepers or Survivors). The ones exploring the streets just instantly died upon getting shot. Likewise, you can’t draw your weapon while inside settlements, so I can’t fire on those that are just milling around.

Dying Light 2 Turn Humans Into Zombies Infected Blade Infected Arrow 2

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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