Dying Light 2 Weapon Durability Repair Weapon Mods Reinforcement Mod

Dying Light 2, just like its predecessor, often has you relying on melee combat. And, similar to its predecessor, you’ll notice your weapons breaking down often. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you with weapon durability repair and mods.

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Dying Light 2 guide – Repairing weapon durability and using mods

Durability is decreased whenever you keep using a particular weapon, to a point where it’s destroyed completely. Another facet to remember is that the better the rarity, the higher the durability. For example, unique/purple weapons have 174 durability, but artifact/gold weapons have 210 durability. There is, however, a way to repair weapon durability in Dying Light 2 and that’s by socketing mods.

Dying Light 2 Weapon Durability Repair Weapon Mods Reinforcement Mod 1

Here’s the gist:

  • Weapon mods are purchased from Craftmaster NPCs. They can also be upgraded by spending cash and infected tokens.
  • Regardless of the upgrade level, each weapon mod you socket repairs +50 durability.
  • To socket a mod, open your inventory, select a weapon, and press “C” to modify it.
  • Weapons in Dying Light 2 can have up to three mod sockets. If you’re unlucky, you could pick up stuff that doesn’t even have a single one.
  • You can only place a mod for each socket once. You can’t replace mods to repair an item over and over.
  • Remember a weapon’s current and max durability threshold. If a weapon has, say, 200/210 durability, adding a mod will only repair it up to 210 (it won’t go above that limit).

Dying Light 2 Weapon Durability Repair Weapon Mods Reinforcement Mod 2

Mods have different effects, though each category/element tends to have a single-target variant, and one that hits multiple enemies in front of your character. Here are some examples of weapon mods in Dying Light 2:

  • Tip and Shaft slot mods:
    • Spark/Voltage/Lightning – Applies shock, which can spread and electrocute others.
    • Venom/Acid/Bane – Poisons and makes enemies double over so you can perform Vault Kicks.
    • Frost/Ice/Avalanche – Immobilizes enemies.
    • Flame/Blaze/Inferno – Burns enemies and can cause the fire to spread.
    • Puff/Fling/Catapult – Blasts enemies and pushes them away.
    • Slit/Slaughter – Causes enemies to bleed and lose health over time.
  • Grip mods:
    • Empowerment – Increases your weapon’s base damage.
    • Reinforcement – Lowers the durability cost per hit.

Dl2sth Wepdr Gd 1

About the Reinforcement mod in Dying Light 2

Originally, I thought that the Reinforcement mod in Dying Light 2 was a godsend. It is, in a way, and I genuinely thought that it was working properly. Recently, however, I decided to fully upgrade it (goodbye infected tokens).

At its maximum upgrade tier, the Reinforcement mod reduces durability cost by 100%. This should automatically mean that my weapon won’t lose durability anymore, right? Well, no, that’s not correct. Upon testing (even with the hotfix), I was still losing a bit of durability while fighting mobs. I don’t know if the tooltip is incorrect or if this mod is bugged.

Dl2sth Wepdr Gd 2

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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