Steam just updated Dying Light with a 550mb patch, suggesting to me that version 1.5 (and the addition of hard mode) is now available for the PC.

The increased difficulty mode is said to make night-time encounters even more dangerous, as well as beef up some of the regular enemies to hit harder. I’ve not stepped back into the game to try it out yet, but that’s what Techland were saying prior to release.

Version 1.5 also adds fifty new weapons to Dying Light and creates a new ‘top tier’ set of gold weapons. Needless to say, these are going to be quite rare.

Anybody who fancies dressing up nicely for the zombie apocalypse will be able to do so, with four new outfits given out as a reward for finishing the game. The patch notes say “national outfits” have been included in this update as well. I’m not totally sure what those are, but it makes me hope I can deck my character out in a garish Union Jack pullover.

According to the changelog notes, 1.5 sees “balance tweaks of weapons, loot chests, shops and crafting” and unspecified “improvements” to game quests and the natural flow of the main character’s parkour moves.

There’s also the tantalising line “Improved overall game performance.” Again, I haven’t been back into Dying Light yet, so I can’t confirm much on that front.

Peter Parrish

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