Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light’s expansion ‘The Following’ will be out next year, with developers Techland claiming that it’s now so big it could have been a stand-alone title. They’re bigging up that bigness because the DLC is getting a “price revision” ahead of release.

That is to say, it’ll be more expensive than the $15.00 USD announced in August; with the new price being $20.00 USD instead.

Nobody loves to hear that, obviously, but Techland seem to be trying to honour as many other promises as possible. The expansion will still be free to anybody who bought the Dying Light Season Pass, and although that Season Pass will also be getting a price increase (to $30, from $20), it won’t be doing so until 8 December.

That means if you fancy getting the same price as Season Pass holders, you can still do so if you act within the next couple of weeks or so. Granted, Season Passes are normally a bit of a gamble, but in this case you will at least know exactly what you’re getting for the money: the DLC bits and pieces that have been released to date, plus the big Following expansion next year.

There’s always a chance that The Following turns out to be rubbish, I suppose, but if you’ve generally enjoyed the zombie-mashing activities in Dying Light, more of it seems like a reasonably solid bet.

Peter Parrish

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