Techland has announced today that Dying Light will be getting “several” free updates over the next few months, starting with one that adds an increased difficulty mode. According to producer Tymon Smekta?a, this should show up around the beginning of March (but may also appear sooner.)

In Dying Light’s hard mode, the night-time difficulty will be ramped up with more vicious foes and an increased need for stealth play (which … doesn’t necessarily sound great, since stealth isn’t a hugely strong point of the game.) There will also be a scarcity of supplies and resources, which sounds about what you’d expect for more a survivalist challenge.

This first update also promises “many improvements to the gameplay” but doesn’t say what those improvements might be. Hopefully it’s secret code for “we’ll optimise the game a little bit better on PC.” The frame-rate still isn’t quite where it ought to be for some people.

Something which is rather more clearly spelled out is the addition of more character outfits. Like the rest of the update, these will be free. Hurrah.

A more difficult mode of play is something which Techland says many Dying Light players have been requesting, so this update may very well encourage a few new play-throughs.

Peter Parrish

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